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Hello, fellow indie author. I created Double-Cross Lit to help independent writers and self-publishers like you and like myself to reach more genre readers via social media marketing. By signing up for this email list, you are agreeing to receive notifications in advance of planned cross-genre and cross-promotional opportunities. That's the double-cross. There's never any cost to you. However, when you place one of your books in a promo, you are agreeing to the following.
  • The title fits the genres of the promo in play.
  • You will assure that your book is discounted as stated for the days of the promotion. 
  • You will promote the promo to all of your pertinent social media platforms, including but not necessarily limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and your personal email list.
If you can agree to the above bullet points, we welcome you to sign up for any and all promos our site creates. We will alert you about upcoming promos, and you decide which, if any, you want to participate in by simply filling out the sign up form we'll have linked in that notification email.

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